Welcome to Fran the Radon Man!

As health concerns grow over the effects of high levels of Radon, there is one man that New Jersey residents trust most. Fran the Radon Man was born to meet your radon testing & mitigation needs.

4 months ago
Festa Radon Technologies Co.

What's scarier than an invisible threat?

4 months ago
Radon Supplies

These puppies may be cute, but they have a serious message for you!

image credit- Shuttershock.com, Pinterest.com

5 months ago
Photos from FRAN the RADON MAN, LLC's post

Maybe "Ray and Don" worked on the install of this pipe. Not the first time I have seen a RAYDON pipe.

6 months ago
Photos from FRAN the RADON MAN, LLC's post

After being fixed for a couple months finally got the Radon Mobile re-lettered. While it was at Brandywine Signs Mark Carter installed the logo on the new trailer.

6 months ago


I just got a high radon reading/Ievel in deptford! Radon gas is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that comes from the soil. Radon is the second leading cause of ... See more

8 months ago

Please join me in congratulating Austin Olson for completing the Fran the Radon Man hands on radon testing program, the required NJDEP course work and the Nation Radon Test. He is now the next ... See more

8 months ago

Mantua Big Night Out. Reppin Fran the Radon Man and giving out info on radon testing and mitigation. It’s great to say hi to many of my clients here in Mantua!!

10 months ago
Athlete with lung cancer warns of radon levels in homes

A former member of team USA’s women's hockey team has a message for Saskatoon homeowners: get their homes tested for radon gas.

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